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I just now really started playing my Platinum game, and I found Shinx and was thinking of adding him to my permanent team because I want an Electric type, and Luxray seems cool. My team is Turtwig, Starly, Shinx (or whatever early Electric type you suggest), and of course, the undeniable lord of Pokemon, and also my first Pokemon of Platinum (other than the starter) the one and only Bidoof. Is Shinx/Luxray a good Electric type for my team, or should I wait and get a different one?

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One hundred percent yes! If you ever watch poketubers playing Platinum a good lot of them have Luxray on their team because its early game, has great stats, and super helpful!
Useful against Fantina with bite
Useful against Crasher Wake with thunderfang or spark
Useful against the first elite 4 dude ,whos name I forgot, with thunderbolt
Useful against many other things that are not at the top of my head right now.

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The first Sinnoh E4 member is Aaron also why Thunderbolt instead of Thunder Fang since Luxray is a physical attacker?
Youtube is not a good source, unless you're watching speedruns. A lot of Youtubers choose cool-looking Pokemon (like Lucario) when they can use a stronger but uglier Pokemon (like Stoutland or Excadrill).
@Blaziken Thunderbolt is stronger than thunder fang.
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Luxray is almost definitely the second-best electric Pokemon in Platinum. It's obtainable early, has strong stats, and learns several strong moves just by leveling up. However, Luxray can't use both its strong stats and its strong moves at the same time. It must always use either its low base special attack or its 65 BP spark. The best electric Pokemon is probably Jolteon, which has significantly higher special attack and also higher speed.

Were do you find Eevee, is there a way to get one other than the slim chance of getting it as the daily Pokemon for that one place, also, where's a Thunder Stone, I think Luxray is easier to get than Jolteon, even though it's better.
You can get a free level 20 Eevee in Hearthome City. There's a thunder stone in Solaceon Ruins, and a TM thunder in the Veilstone Department Store. I recommend getting an adaptability Eevee, go to Veilstone City, buy a TM thunder, and then evolve Eevee into Jolteon.