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I bred my Luxray not too long ago, and I've managed to level up my new Shinx to level 31 in Pokemon Platinum - pretty fast!
When I looked up its Exp. points at level 25 as a Luxio, it had around 16000 Exp. points, while my level 33 Staravia had around 33000!
When it evolved into Luxray at level 30, and I leveled it up 1 level it had 25000 Exp. points.
Is this normal? If it isn't, is it because I obtained it through breeding?

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Breeding should have no affect; each Pokemon is given an 'Experience' group, which determines the rate of how fast a Pokemon gains experience. Staravia and Luxray are both part of the Medium Slow Experience Group, so I don't know what the problem is here.
Thanks. Maybe it's supposed to be like this.

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>Shinx/Luxio/Luxray have a maximum of 1,059,860 Experience Points (Medium Slow).

>This is the same for Starly/Staravia/Staraptor, having 1,059,860 Experience Points (Medium Slow).

What this means? -

When your Luxray is at Level 70, it will have a 274400 of total experience, and Staraptor, beeing in the same ''Experience Group'', at Level 70, it will have 274400 to.

Also there is one thing that maybe you didn't know, and maybe it's your weird problem -

When you have a Pokemon with a different ID from your game, it will win a free boost on the experience.

What did I say? -

If your Luxray was captured in your game (having the same ID as your game) and your Staraptor MAYBE be traded from another game, Staraptor will win more Experience Points than Luxray.

There's also another thing, MAYBE some of your Pokemons were holding a Exp. Share/Lucky Egg and you don't know.

Also check THIS , it's were I see that Luxray at Level 70 have 274400.. That maybe be useful for you.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, my Luxray WAS holding an exp. share. But anyways, it has the same amount of exp. points as tsraptor when at the same level, so never mind.