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I have an Adamant Luxray with 31 IVs in attack and speed and also EVs on attack and speed with the ability guts.Since the older question about luxray's moveset 3 years ago many things have changed so what should I do and what can I do so I can use this Pokemon to its full potential competitively now?

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Guts and Adamant are great natures for Luxray. If you have Guts, use a Flame Orb for boost attack, it's better than toxic or paralyze and the burn's attack drop won't happen.

A great competitive moveset:

Luxray @Flame Orb
Ability - Guts
Adamant Nature - 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
- Crunch
- Ice Fang
- Wild Charge/Thunder Fang
- Superpower/Fire Fang

Crunch has great damage.
Ice Fang covers Ground and can deal with others ice-weakers.
Wild Charge has STAB, has recoil damage so you can use Thunder Fang to.
Superpower has great power has the name says but the drops aren't the best.
Other options are Fire Fang, Return.

Luxray's max Speed is 239 and Attack 372 whit Adamant Nature and if you see it don't have many speed.
Life Orb and Choice Scarf are other great viable items, but you will lose the Guts's boosts by Flame Orb.

Hope this helps.

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First turn, Toxic Orb does 6% damage, and stacks up. Flame Orb does 12% on the first turn. That means for the first two turns, Toxic Orb saves you more HP, third turn their tied, and then Flame Orb saves you more. You'll most likely not be staying in for that long in competitive, especially with a set like that. So really, Toxic Orb is better. Something I learned from another question.
Sorry, I misread something.
I don't think its 2x, and you probably won't be staying in that long, especially with a set like that.
yeah you are right then so thanks Crimson and Fizz:)
I found that people use Toxic Orb because it only does 6% at first turn. Then they switch out.