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My brother has Platinum. Just wondering if he'll get a Roseradude or something...

why was this tagged? i didn't know about breeding then. it isn't against the rules, it's just a stupid q!

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No, you can't breed a Roserade with a Geodude, because they are not in the same Egg Group. Roserade is in the Fairy and Plant egg group but Geodude is in the Mineral egg group.

For more info on breeding go to this link--http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/breeding

If you breed a Male Pokemon and a Female Pokemon that are in the same egg group you will be able to breed, because they are not in the same egg group, they will NOT make any eggs.

Hope this helps =P

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thanks i now have like twenty breeded pokemon thanks to this answer
sorry doctor flame you get the upvote
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No, you can't. Roserade in in the Fairy and Grass Egg Group. Geodude is in the Mineral Group.