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So, I know that Roserade received a huge nerf in Pokémon Sw/Sh. That would be not being able to use Hidden Power/Fire anymore. With it’s ability of Technician, Hidden Power would do 90 damage, and destroy Steel types that would wall it. However, I saw that it could use Weather Ball, and if you used it in doubles with a Drought setter, then I could learn a Fire type move again. It can also use Sunny Day, however, it would take a extra slot, and take a turn to setup. So this would preferably be used in Doubles. So, how would this work?

Why would you run Roserade over Venusaur?
I am just wondering.

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Roserade is almost never used in Doubles. It’s primarily used as an offensive Spiker in lower-tiered Singles. However, when it is used, Weather Ball is run a decent amount of the time, essentially for the reasons you described. The trouble is that it’s outclassed by Venusaur, which gets Chlorophyll, Growth, and Weather Ball, plus it’s bulkier, so Venusaur is pretty much always superior. In Singles, you’ll want to set up Spikes, not waste a turn with Sunny Day. In Doubles, while it does work, there’s no reason to use Roserade over Venusaur, as there’s almost never a need to set up hazards in Doubles, and Venusaur can take more hits.

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