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Like rain, sun, sand, hail becuase it only has base 50 power in regular weather but Pokemaster said it had 100 so for my Roserase in a sand storm would it have a base 100 special rock type move. Or would it be better to go with HP(rock)

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"When no weather condition is under effect, Weather Ball deals Normal-type damage. During any weather condition, Weather Ball attacks with a different type and its base power doubles to 100. The type that Weather Ball is depends on the weather conditions at the time it is used. It will be:

* Fire-type if it is sunny.
* Water-type if it is raining.
* Ice-type if it is hailing.
* Rock-type if there is a sandstorm.
* Normal-type if it is foggy or there is no special weather condition in effect.
* ???-type if Shadow Sky is under effect. 

Type power-ups from the weather will be put into effect, as well as STAB caused by Castform's type changing from its ability, Forecast. "


Problem is, Sandstorm will change Weather Ball's type, but not Castform's form. Castform only has 4 forms: Rainy, Sunny, Snowy, and Normal. There is no Sandy form for Castform