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If my Luxray had Rivalry and held an expert belt, the power of all it's super effective moves would increase by 1.45 percent ( assuming the opponent is the same gender as you).

For example, the move Spark- has a 30% percent chance of paralyzing - would go from a base power of 65 to a base power of 94, outclassing the move Wild Charge.

Intimidate is awesome against ground types, but Rivalry has some good perks as well.

Please help me make up my mind!

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I would use Intimidate. You're not always going to find Pokemon the same gender as it.
Well, I was going for this moveset:

**Protect-** Good stalling move to set up on Pokemon faster than you
**Spark-** Good chance of paralysis
**Ice Fang-** cover ground
**Crunch-** covers ghost and psychic

 Do you think I need to set aside room for attract, or is my moveset fine?
Just so you know, Luxray is pretty weak, and there's usually no reason for it to be better than therian Thundurus or Zapdos. Also, for most questions on this site, you should only post answers if they directly answer the question and post everything else as comments.
Thanks for the notice, but I try to stay away from legendaries and use basic Pokemon to their full potential.  I know most people don't play that way, but if I can win with just basic pokemon, I'm MLG!
If you don't like legendaries, then use Magnezone.

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Intimidate. Why? Because while the power boost from Rivalry is good in theory, you'll also be doing half as much damage to Pokemon of the opposite gender at the same time. And considering the randomness of Pokemon genders... yeah. The only way I can recommend Rivalry is if you use it on a gimmicky set with Attract as well. Hope this info helps you decide.