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there is practically no such thing as a high attack Kadabra. And besides, its pysical movepool is horrible.
Just saying.
Well it can learn 3punches, psycho cut etc
If you use swagger and psych up, its max atk
will become almost same as maxed spatk
(Yeah, but its still dumb to use physical kadabra)
No..maxed out base attack is pretty much the same as its regular,untouched special attack
And Swagger ups the OPPONENT'S attack, not the user's.
I said swagger and PSYCH UP
Pls read something carefully before you say about it
(I know that is is a bad comb for kadabra but still)

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Jolly, as it ups Speed and lowers SAtk, which you don't need on a Physical Kadabra. You need the extra Speed. Remember that Physical Kadabra isn't good, and is outclassed by other Physical Psychic types. Special Kadabra is much better. If you do opt to go for one, go with a Timid Nature (+Speed, -Attack).

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  • Adamant
  • Jolly
  • Brave
  • Impish
  • Careful

Probably the best it getswith Atk, SAtk is much better.

Brave. Are you crazed xD