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Gender: Boy
Favorite Pokémon: Zoroark is my favorite of all time but here are my other ones: Gen 1: Lapras/Gengar | Gen 2: Ampharos | Gen 3: Metagross/Salamance | Gen 4: Toxicroak/Gliscor | Gen 5: Zoroark | Gen 6: Hawlucha/Talonflame | Gen 7: Incinaroar/Mimikyu | Gen 8: Obstagoon/Barraskewda/Snom | Favorite Ledgend: Lunala | Favorite Mythical: Victini
Friend Codes: Nintendo Switch: Why?
Nintendo 3ds: Nah
About me: Iv'e liked pokemon since around 2016 and the first game I got was Ultra Moon. I am currently trying to breed a shiny zoroark in pokemon sword and I have a shiny Magikarp! My first shiny was an SOS Gengar in Ultra moon. Showdown name: Tizzoy

"I don’t think anyone would be opposed to fudge expansion."
"the fudge expansion will be the greatest ever!"


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May 18, 2021 by ~Scarlet~
Merry Christmas!
Dec 25, 2020 by themodernage
Multiply me with any whole number, integer, fraction, or decimal, and you will always get an even number. What number am I?
Dec 23, 2020 by Light Hope ♡
+respect for dragapult with the most clutch crit of all time: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ou-1248746383
Dec 23, 2020 by Tizzoy42
Dec 18, 2020 by themodernage
lol you're getting points so fast. reminds me of past me and Dragapulse. Anyway, congrats on 300!
Dec 17, 2020 by themodernage
how old are you if your born jan 1999
Dec 16, 2020 by Hellfire Taco
I heard that you like to (hax)battle people on db, which format do you often do?
Dec 12, 2020 by ★~ProfDelldell~★
Dec 12, 2020 by Iridacea
Same to you!
Dec 12, 2020 by IsItReallyTho