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well I'm now playing ultra sun and I want to use an electric type Pokemon for the water trial and use in the game vs other trainers like Gusma's Golisopod. (If you recommend to me Magneton, I will not need him because I'm going to catch a Honedge and evolve him into Aegislash.) I thought to use Alolan Raichu (because his Psychic typing) and Vikavolt (that is a great Bug/Electric Pokemon) and I saw that these 2 Pokemon have 2 not-good things like Vikavolt being slow (but can tank hits) and Alolan Raichu not learning any Electric moves meaning that I'm gonna use Pikachu for a long time. So which one is better and can help me in the game?

(OBS: sorry for the long questin and make you lose your time and if you would like to recomend another good electric type Pokemon it would be very nice and helpful)

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By the way, you can't get Honedge until the game's over, I thought? Isn't Island Scan an endgame technique?
Island scan isn't post game as far as I know.

What's the rest of your team?
Well the Other part team that i want to use in The game is Primarina, Hawlucha, Alolan Muk And Mudsdale

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Vikavolt was more usefull when I used it, and I think it will be for you too. Both Grubbin and Pichu come at the same time, but unlike Pichu, Grubbin doesn't require a friendship evolution, and has a typing that can help vs Hala.

Vikavolt has insanely high Special Attack which lets it deal great damage to mostly everything. Raichu may have the Speed advantage, (very clearly) but Vikavolt's power comes into handy more often. Plus, with a magnetic field at Blush Mountain, you get a nice full evolution time.

BTW, don't use Totem Vikavolt, as you loose out on a nice early-game time Grubbin and Charjabug have.
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I'd go with Alolan Raichu because it learns strong electric type moves (Spark and Discharge) from its pre-evolution Pikachu and has strong psychic type move Psychic. Also, Raichu's base stats are superior to Vikavolt's, which you can't even get until you reach Vast Poni Canyon or Blush Mountain (or have 70 totem stickers to be cashed in for a Vikavolt at Heahea Beach).

Blush Mountain is decently early, and Spark is not a strong move.