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I don't know which one to use, Vikavolt or Alolan Raichu, but if you have other suggestions that would be great!

Please include suggested movesets and pros and cons for each suggested Pokemon!


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- Gigantic Special Attack stat
- Good typing gives it few weaknesses
- Grubbin can be obtained extremely early
- Learns moves like Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, Air Slash and Energy Ball
- Slow
- A little frail
- You have to wait an extremely long time to evolve Charjabug

Alolan Raichu
- Solid Special Attack
- Excellent offensive typing
- Blistering Speed
- Fairly easy to obtain
- Learns moves like Psychic, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, and Grass Knot
- Very frail

Go with Alolan Raichu.

Raichu-Alolan @ Wise Glasses
Ability: Surge Surfer
- Thunderbolt
- Psychic
- Signal Beam / Volt Switch
- Focus Blast / just about anything else

Hope I helped!

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lol you'd call 110 'blistering speed'? and 5% encounter rate 'fairly easy to obtain'? and blush mountain, only like, what, the fifth trial 'extremely long time to evolve'? I know I wouldn't but thank you for your answering
Yes, I would. That's base Speed, and 110 base Speed is astounding, even in-game where it doesn't matter as much. Blush Mountain is only an electrical field in USUM, and you're playing SM. You have to wait until Vast Poni Canyon to evolve Charjabug in SM. Pichu may have a 5% encounter rate, but it can be found in two of the earliest places you access, practically invalidating that.

In short, I stand by my reasoning.
huh. ok then