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Yes, you can get a Torchic from Steven Stone after you beat Red. You need to beat all 16 gyms and go to Mt. Silver to get to Red. Then go to the pokemon fan club in Vermillion.

You can only get Growlithe in HeartGold so you need to trade with someone. Or if you have FireRed you can get one there and migrate to Pal Park.

thankes i'l do that
by the way who is that stone guy
Steven Stone is the Champion from pokemon Saphire and Ruby(The Hoenn Region) and he is the strongest trainer in Emerald(however, in emerald, he is not the champion).
After you see him in Vermillion, you need to go to the Silph building in Saffron.  Then he will give you your Torchic, Miudkip, or Treecko
You spelled MUDKIP wrong.
um do you need all pokemon