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As the title says,
I am training on shuppets. When it leveled up to 40 (106 attack stats) I battled about 33 shuppets, it only gave me +3 in attack when it leveled up to 41

I know the calculation 4 EV=1 stat,

My friend told me that maybe it was maxed, I dont know... I am still recieving additional attack stats...

Please someone explain why is that. Thanks :)


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33 ÷ 4 = 8.25

Mathematically speaking, yes you should have gotten more than 3 stat points. However, you don't gain all of the EV stat points at once. The effect is spread out as you level up. For example, my Lv 4 Spearow may have 252 Speed EVs, but he does not gain 63 extra Speed points when he grows to Lv 5. It is spread out over the course of levelling up. Seeing as your Shelgon in only Lv 41, I would not be surprised to find the 5 points you didn't receive added at level 42 or 43.

If I missed the point entirely… please let me know!

Some specific details on the subject. The way the EV points are "spread" is determined by the stat formula that it used to create each of a Pokemon's stats, which is here: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/c/c1/OtherStatCalcGen34.png
The only thing that happens when your Pokemon levels up is that the value of "level" in the formula goes up. This, in turn, also makes it base stats, IVs and EVs worth more, since they're multiplied by that same value.
Because a Pokemon's EV value is multiplied by its level and divided by 100, it can be roughly estimated that the percentage of EV points that are "in effect" on a Pokemon is equal to its level. It won't be exact due to the way the game rounds decimals, but it's a good enough estimate.
Playing around with some numbers and this information indicates that 33 EVs is worth about 3.4 stat points at level 41, and that it takes just under 10 EV points to earn one stat point. This shows that the stat gain that Shelgon got is perfectly reasonable.
As alluded to in the answer, the EV points that aren't "active" on Shelgon at this time will all be in full effect at level 100. This is because multiplying EVs by 100 perfectly contradicts the next part of the equation, which divides them by 100, leaving [Pokemon's EVs]/4 as the only necessary calculation. This is where the 4 EVs = 1 stat point misconception comes from.
^ This is the smarter version of what I said. Listen to this.
Wait, are you saying that EV/4=stat is wrong? and the EVs that didnt go "active" will reappear in level 100? Is this right?
your gain is a percentage of your level: if you had gained 80 EV's, 80 EV's gives 20 extra points at level 100, but if your level 50 (half of 100) you'll gain 10 extra points in that stat (10 is half of 20). The maths may not be exact, but that's how I understand it. Also, the additions are instant, so when you level up, you already have the increase (the additions only came after level up in older games)
DoctorDisco: Your post is far easier to follow, though! I wanted to put the numbers there if anyone was curious about it or wanted the nerdy details about it.
Griff: Yes, that's a good way to simplify it. The simplest way to explain it is this: EVs gradually become worth more as a Pokemon levels up, until level 100 when they're worth EV value/4. At lower levels, more than 4 points are necessary for one stat gain. At level 41, roughly 10 EV points are required or one stat gain, so those 33 EVs are worth a bit more than 3 stat points. However, at level 100, those 33 EVs will be worth 8.25 stat points, as the answer shows.
hyper beam: Yes, your understanding is correct. You can use this formula if you want to quickly work out how many stat points your Pokemon's EVs are worth: stat points = ((Pokemon's EVs/4) x Pokemon's level)/100. This is essentially what the formula does, except with natures, IVs and base stats also considered. I think you're right about stat changes being instant as well; I recall having stats go up as a direct result of Super Training, without leveling up the Pokemon. However, since you can't change base stat and IV values like you can with EVs, you'll have to level up the Pokemon for those to take effect.
Guess you just can't beat good ol' fashioned division, eh fizz?