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I should mention that I'm new to the Pokemon games and don't have that much experience

I will quickly sum up what I already know before I ask the real question:

The basics of EV-Training ( Power Items, Pokemon that yield EVs, Horde encounters)
The basics of breeding (IVs, Natures, Abilities)

So I read about EV-Training on the Internet a while ago and I'm currently trying to train my Pokemon the same way as described. But most of the guides or introductions were for players that are already experienced, so I don't know if I'm doing the things right. So I will list in the right order exactly what I did and hope someone can answer me if everything is alright.

First thing I did was breeding my Snorlax (I don't know if it is important to know which Pokemon I am training) I gave him a Full Incense so I could get a Munchlax. I bred him till I got one with good IVs and a good nature. Then I fought at the Battle Maison (not with the Munchlax) to the point were I got 16 BPs and spent them on a Power Weight since I wanted to train my Munchlax in HP. I caught a Combee and searched for a good place for horde encounters that drop HP EVs. I went to the Connecting Cave, used Sweet Scent and fought a bunch of Whismurs with my level 72 Greninja which used Surf. I had turned on the Exp. Share. My lvl. 1 Munchlax evolved immediatly in Snorlax and got I think 4 or 5 points in HP. That's it to this point.

I'm playing Pokemon X and I started breeding post game

I don't see why this wouldn't work.

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Well first of all, you should know you are doing everything right! But, I'll break down what's actually happening to your HP EV's.

To start off with your Power Weight , you gain 4 extra HP points for every Pokemon fainted. With your exp share on, you probably know that all your Pokemon in your party will receive the appropriate EV, depending what Pokemon you verse. So, by battling a Whismur (which yields 1 HP EV) your Power Weight will allow Munchlax to gain 5 HP EV points per Whismur (1 for Whismur + 4 from Power Weight). However, by battling a Pokemon that doesn't yield HP EV's, you will still get 4 HP points from Power Weight, as well as whatever EV the Pokemon you versed/fainted would give. *Also note that Power Weight will half your Spd in battle, so Spd EV training is your choice; however it won't be ideal since Snorlax is already very Slow.

So, in this way, theoretically your Munchlax would gain 25 HP EV's in a single Whismur horde battle, once it's holding Power Weight, and it has exp share turned on if in your party, otherwise Munchlax being your leader.

Something else worth noting is that each Pokemon can have a total of 510 EV's distributed whichever way in your stats. One stat can have a maximum of 255, but it's only beneficial to have 252 (since 4 EV's = 1 extra stat point). So you should only train HP EV's to 252, and worry about the rest on other stats.

To ensure you can keep track of your EV's, here's something you can do in Pokemon X/Y.
If you have a reset bag in your super training section:
1) Save your game
2) Use reset bag (the EV's per stat will be shown). DONT SAVE YOUR GAME AFTERWARDS!
3) Once known, reset/restart your game. Your reset bag will be back, and you will have the intel of your Pokemon's EV's

Hope I helped! :)

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Power items don't change the holder's speed EVs. It only halves the Pokemon's speed when the Pokemon is in battle and the effect disappears as soon as the item is removed or the battle ends.
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