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Hi, so i started my game over and decided to EV train my shiny chimchar which is now a Shiny Infernape lvl 36 I want to know if im doing the EVs right.

Nature: Bashful
Lvl 36
EV Training it on Attk/Speed

HP: 103
Sp. Attk: 80
Sp. Def: 56
Speed: 96

I kinda messed up by accidentally getting into battles while my infernape was my top pokemon so, i have some wasted EVs (exactly wasted 13 EVs)

I used a EV Calc

and heres what i got when i input my EVs

HP ( Min:6 Max:8)
Attk:(Min: 16 Mac: 18)
Def: (Min:27 Max: 29)
Speed: (Min:18 Max: 20)
Sp Attk: (Min:1 Max: 3)
Sp. Def: (Min:0 Max: 2

Here are my EVs:
HP:6 evs
Attk:105 evs
Def:5 evs
Sp. Attk:2 evs
Sp. Def:0 evs
Speed:79 evs
Total: 197/510 evs

Also, right when my Monferno evolved into Infernape i bought 10 Proteins to power up my Infernape's Attk EVs but it says "it wont have any effect" and i havnt even given him and Proteins yet. Can some1 explain that as well? Thank you

what do you mean

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The proteins did not work because each protein gives you 10 attack EVs, and only works for the first 100 EVs in the stat it is raising. So since you already have over 100 Evs in attack its wont work.

As for did you EV train right it depends on what you want your infernape to do. If you want him to be a physical sweeper it looks like you are doing it right but if you want it to do anything else you are messing up. Just dont put anymore HP in it and focus on speed and attack.

the ones I wasted, i was not careful and ran into a trainer before I could switch my infernape from 1st pokemon to 2nd or w/e. Also, Double battles screwed me over
Thanks for the help.
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All right! EV Training...
Please read this whole thing before training, as often I say not to do something after I say to :P

You did it the hard way. When using Protein, Iron, etc you can only use for first 100 EVs of that stat. For Attack, you are already over 100, so no more protein for infernape :)

But for Speed, you could boost four more times. It would only take you to 100 however.

You want to definitely max out Atk and Spd EVs. However, you can't because you used up some... Let's assume you want even Atk and Spd EVs.
510-13 you used = 497.

497 - extra 3 = 494 (I recommend putting them in HP.)

Assuming you boosted Speed to 100, that's 205. 494-205 = 289; one extra EV you can put in Atk.

Now we have 106 Atk/100 Spd, and some other extra stuff. We have 288 more Evs to put into those two stats, but we want to distribute evenly.

First, 6 more in Spd so you're even :) That's 282 to distribute, 106 Atk/106 Spd
282/2=141. 106+141 = 247, so 247 Atk/247 Spd.

But WAIT!! You only get a stat point if you have 4 EVs. You can either put 248 Atk/246 Spd, or vice versa.

There's no point in having the extra two EVs in Spd, so don't do those. Use 'em on some other stat that will get a point, like Sp. atk.

Final EV Spread:

9 HP/248 Atk (or vice versa)/244 Spd/5 Def/4 Sp. Atk

2 HP points, 62 Atk points, 61 Speed points, 1 Defense point, 1 Sp. Atk point

9 + 248 + 244 + 5 + 4 = 510 :)

You sir/ma'am, are awesome. So, In conclusion, am i going down the right path if im trying to pursue Attk/Speed Stats?
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The proteins did not work because each protein gives you 10 attack EVs, and only works for the first 100 EVs in the stat it is raising

i just realized EV training is more suitable and or easier if you've alrdy beaten the elite four and etc. Because if your working from the beginning you dont have enough money to even get 10x proteins. :/ thanks for the help