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(I'm playing emerald)

Nature: Timid
Level: 34

HP: 84
Sp. ATK: 109
Sp. DEF: 42
SPEED: 107

(what I did)
252 on speed, 252 on Sp. att & 6 on HP.

(how I did it; speed)
First I fed him 10 Carbos (100 to speed)
Then I trained speed in the Smeargle cave (battle frontier) with macho brace. This is how I calculated, please tell me if this is right:
252 - 100 = 152 (EVs left for speed after using 10 Carbos)
152 / 2 = 76 (Smeargle gives 1 EV, 2 with macho brace)
So I fought 76 Smeargles.

(how I did it; Sp. att)
First I fed him 10 Calcium (100 to Sp. att)
Then I trained Sp. att with Spindas & a macho brace. The calculation for this was the same;
252 - 100 = 152 (EVs left for Sp. att after using 10 Calcium)
152 / 2 = 76 (Spinda gives 1 EV, 2 with macho brace)
So I fought 76 Spindas (Running away from other pkmns, as to only engage Spindas)

So is this right? I keep using calculators but they keep showing my Haunter with a Sp. att of 115, makes me think I did something wrong :/

I'm new at this (learned about it 2 days ago) is there any way I can tell if my EVs were distributed like I wanted them? and can anyone tell me if for a level 34 Haunter, is his stats where they are supposed to be?

Thanks in advance :)

You have some decent patience, I get bored after 15 minutes of EV Traning vs Cofagrigus in White. Didn't do it in Black 2 yet, though. (Not to planning to xD).
There is a mistake, you have 2 EXTRA EV's in HP, not only are they non beneficial, they are impossible to have, Unless you are playing IN GEN 3
I was playing a Gen3 (emerald). I'm playing W2 now though
ok then.

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You did do it right, your math was correct and you did a nice job. Your Haunter's SAtk may be lower than you thought it would be, there are a few reasons as to why this could be:

  • Level 34 isn't very high, level him up and it'll get higher
  • He isn't evolved
  • He may not have complete SAtk IV's
  • His Nature may not make his SAtk as high as it could be

Either way, once you get him up to level 100, his SAtk will be pretty dang high.

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hey ravens!
yea my nature compliments speed (like I wanted)
so my calculations were correct, great! btw this is my FIRST EV trained pokemon. With your confirmation I can now go for my Jolteon! thanks.