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I'm Ev training my Shroomish and I want to to learn EV's fast in HP/ATK. I know where to train it but not sure how the power items work with pokerus... Please help..

I think I've had an answer from a friend but I'd like to get it verified from an expert.

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Each Pokemon gives a certain amount of EVs for a certain stat, the Power items add 4 additional EVs to their corresponding stat(Power bracer gives 4 additional EVs in attack and so on).

Pokerus doubles the EVs gained, so if you fought a Pokemon who yielded 1 EV in Attack, gave your Pokemon a Power bracer and if it had pokerus, you would gain a total of 10 EVs in that stat(1+4=5, 5*2=10).

Here is a list of good EV training spots in Kalos and a more in depth explanation on EV training.

Source: The links above

Hope I helped.

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Thanks JackZero - it's been puzzling on my mind for a while now - Just cleared like 480 S.T. REGIMENTS aswell :( it takes far to long to fully ev train a pokemon there. BUT thanks :)
No problem at all, EV training is confusing at first :P
Yeah, it's a lot faster with hordes than the secret training.