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There is the old as Johoto Masuda method
the Sinnoh Pokeradar method
the also old as Johto Random Encounter
Chain fishing
Friend safari encounters
and the new Hoard battles.

which one would be best for finding shiny Pokemon?

There aren't any "best" method.

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There isn't a comfirmed best way to do it, as some are better than others but only work on a select group of Pokemon, like chain fishing.

I would say that chaining with the Pokeradar is the most frustrating of them all to try and get a shiny on, as your chain could easily break. So whatever you do, don't use this one if your newish to Pokemon (like me! :P)

Chain Fishing is a really good way of getting a shiny. Just grab an Inkay with Suction Cups, a Super Rod, and bob's your uncle. However, this means you can only catch 'fish' Pokemon.

In my opinion, I would say that finding a shiny from a horde is best, as in X and Y, the chances of finding a random shiny was increased from 1/8192 to 1/4096 twice as good. In a horde, you battle 5 Pokemon at a time, which means you now have a 5/4096 chance of finding a random shiny, which simplifies to 1/819. So grab a Pokemon with sweet scent, because if you use the move outside of battle, you will always battle a horde if there are any!

That's only 4 time less likely than using a pokeradar and you haven't even began to chain yet!

I would say to use a combination of chain fishing and hordes.
Hope this helped!

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Generally pokeradar chaining is the best as it makes the chnaces go to 1/200. Chain fishing is pretty reliable too and easier to say the least, but you get move variety from fishing.