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I was fishing to get a lapras before I battle gordie and want to know if I should keep trying or wait until I get the 7th gym badge so that I can get a special overworld encounter Lapras instead of fishing for one. I have been trying for about half of a hour and still did not get it.

i mean if you want to but it is your choice
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Lapras is good, but you don't really need one. If you really want one, there is an event going on that makes Gigantamax Lapras more common in raids, but only for Shield players. You can try to join a raid with a Shield player that's hosting one and hope you get it, but its catch rate is abysmal. You can also try to get lucky with a Surprise Trade, or keep fishing. Overall though, while it's a very useful Pokemon, you don't need one. I personally would use a Barraskewda as a substitute. It's very fast and it hits incredibly hard. It's frail, but that doesn't matter when you can use Revives and have brute force on your side. Here's a Barraskewda set:

Barraskewda @ Life Orb / Expert Belt / anything else
Ability: Swift Swim
- Liquidation / Waterfall
- Close Combat
- Poison Jab
- Drill Run / Throat Chop / any other physical move

Hope I helped!

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Thanks! Could I also use Golisopod? Because I have a wimpod I transfered from ultra moon to pokemon home and it has 4 perfect ivs in HP, Atk, Def, SDef.
You're welcome!
Golisopod is also quite good, it would work. Just be wary of Emergency Exit.
Considering they are promoted right now they have a lot better catch rates
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I mean you can keep fishing, but it would be easier to just catch a Lapras after gordie. Also Grass types work well too for the gordie gym battle. Lapras will help against Raihan a with the Ice type and Water type advantage against most of his Pokemon 3/4. There are some better water type options though, if you want you can pick up a Barraskewda, they are very fast with 136 base speed and has an excellent attack of 123. They have a 50% chance to spawn at the lake of outrage (using the Super Rod) so they are pretty easy to get. If you want a Lapras wait till after gordie to catch and use a grass type for gordie, but if you want a water type I recommend using a Barraskewda because in-game defensive mon aren't really helpful.

Hope I helped!