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Gender: Male
Country: Minnesota is my country of cold
Favorite Pokémon: 1.Blaziken 2. Dragapult 3. Toxtricity 4. Scizor 5. Corviknight 6. Garchomp 7. Salamence 8. Aggron 9. Aegislash 10. Rillaboom 11. Feraligatr 12. Decidueye 13. Sceptile 14. Kommo-o 15. Centiskorch
Friend Codes: Switch:

My Friends:

If you want to be on my friend list than all you have to do is ask. I consider a friend a person who talks to me in the chat or is nice to me.

Absol Club
Mega Club
Dragon Tamer Club
Dark Flaming Dragon Club
About me: My About me is basically one long tier list.
Fast Facts:
-I am 13 years old
-I am very smart
-I don't like it when people don't use contractions properly (i.e. your instead of you're (you+are))
-I am funny
-I am introverted
-I am extremely Athletic
-I am a Perfectionist
-I can solve a Rubiks cube in under 2 minutes
-My favorite color is Orange
-Born on December 28
-I am the luckiest and unluckiest person you could ever meet
-You can call me Kick Chick, Chicken Legs, Blaziken, or Tommy Gun (my Baseball nickname)
-My Sword Playthrough team https://pokepast.es/58dd917ef2f3c301
-My team if Pokemon were real https://pokepast.es/2fa7175b35064e91
- My Nat Dex AG team https://pokepast.es/ad3948d933303460

Favorite Gens:
1. Gen 8 (Cool pokemon)
1. Gen 3 (Lots of Bias)
3. Gen 6 (Mega Evolutions, Gen 3 remake)
4. Gen 7 (Cool pokemon, cool region)
4. Gen 5 (The pokemon are cool and story is the best)
6. Gen 4 (I really like the Johto remakes)
7. Gen 2 (I really like Johto but, process of elimination)
8. Gen 1 (Process of Elimination)

Favorite Versions:
   Let's Go Pikachu
   Omega Ruby
   White 2
   Ultra Sun

My Favorite Pokemon Games are:
1. Pokemon Sword
2. Pokemon Omega Ruby
3. Pokemon Ultra Sun

Favorite Starters From Each Gen:
Gen 1: Blastoise
Gen 2: Feraligatr
Gen 3: Blaziken
Gen 4: Torterra
Gen 5: Samurott
Gen 6: Greninja
Gen 7: Decidueye
Gen 8: Rillaboom

Miscellaneous favorites:
Mega: Blaziken
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Speed Boost Sheer Force Contrary
Move: Behemoth Blade
NPC: Peony
Gym Leader: Drayden
Elite Four: Grimsley
Champion: Steven

Favorite Music:
1. Peony Battle Theme
2. Battle Tower Battle Theme
3. Driftvale City Theme

My favorite types in order are:
1. Steel
2. Dragon
3. Fire
4. Grass
5. Rock
6. Water
7. Electric
8. Bug
9. Flying
10. Ground
11. Fighting
12. Ice
13. Ghost
14. Psychic
15. Dark
16. Poison
17. Normal
18. Fairy

My Favorite pokemon of every type are:
Normal: Sawsbuck (Winter)
Fire: Blaziken Darmanitan
Water: Feraligatr Blastoise
Electric: Toxtricity
Grass: Sceptile Decidueye Leavanny
Ice: Frosmoth
Fighting: Kommo-o
Poison: Scolipede
Ground: Krookodile
Flying: Corviknight
Psychic: Gallade Reuiniclus
Bug: Centiskorch Heracross Orbeetle
Rock: Coalossal Gigalith
Ghost: Dragapult
Dragon: Salamence Duraladon Garchomp
Dark: Absol
Steel: Aggron Aegislash Bisharp Scizor
Fairy: Grimmsnarl

Favorite pokemon in every Gen:
Gen 1: Blastoise
Gen 2: Scizor
Gen 3: Blaziken
Gen 4: Garchomp
Gen 5: Gigalith
Gen 6: Aegislash
Gen 7: Kommo-o
Gen 8: Dragapult

My least favorite pokemon of every type:
Normal: Lickilily
Fire: Delphox
Water: Golduck
Electric: Pincurchin
Grass: Sunkern Sunflora
Ice: Beartic
Fighting: Bewear
Poison: Skuntank
Ground: Diggserby
Flying: Vullaby
Psychic: Jynx
Bug: Wormadam
Rock: Carbink
Ghost: Drifblim
Dragon: Kingdra
Dark: Alolan Persian
Steel: Klefki
Fairy: Jigglypuff line Spritzee line Swirlix line

My Favorite Regions in order are:
1. Hoenn
2. Galar
3. Alola
4. Johto
5. Unova
6. Kalos
7. Kanto
8. Sinnoh

My Favorite Games that aren't Pokemon are:
1. The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild (and entire franchise)
2. Hollow Knight
3. Animal Crossing New Horizons

Favorite Sports:
1. Baseball
2. Swimming
3. Hockey

Shiny Pokemon:
Goodra: Got it from a Trade on 11-6-20
Indeedee (M): Random Dynamax Adventure Encounter 11-7-20
   Game: Sword
   Method: Masuda
   Eggs: 362
   Time: 6 1/2 hours
   Start: 11-9-20
   Finish: 11-10-20
   Caught: Yes
   On Team: Yes

Favorite Shinies:
1. Greninja (Just super cool)
2. Blaziken (I like how it's more refined)
3. Aegislash (Awesome color scheme)
4. Grimmsnarl (I like it)
5. Dragapult (I like it)

Games I have on switch: (Hard copy)
Pokemon Sword
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu
The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Super Mario Odyssey
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Mariokart 8 Deluxe
Super Mario Maker 2
Animal Crossing New Horizons
Hollow Knight
The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening
Luigi's Mansion

-Until recently, I thought Dwebble and Crustle were Gen 1 pokemon.
-I have a Nintendo switch and a Wii, all my pokemon knowledge comes from friends letting me use their games.
-I completed the Galar Pokedex in Sword on 11-9-20. This is an accomplishment for me since I have never done that before. It took a lot of GTS trades in Home to do it since I don't have Nintendo Switch Online.
-I thought Silvalley's name inspiration was Silicon Valley, not Silver/Ally.
-Shiinotic's shiny is bad. It looks like poop and pee.
-Abilities like Overgrow and Blaze should tell you when they activate.
-Shiny Bruxish looks like a Taco.
-Magic Gaurd is like a better Overcoat. Poor Reuinclus
-Rampardos' attack is ridiculous.
- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- こんにちは

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