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Gender: m for marshadow my beloved
Country: that's for me to know and hackers to find out (EU)
Favorite Pokémon: Furret
Friend Codes: UWUnicorn92604 on Battle Camp, wondering if anyone knows Yash99? I miss him aaaa

Very ebic.
Ignis Aqua Herba thinks it's ebic too. Same with Kyurem Plack. Ebic
(21/07/22 did u change ur name i bet u did)

Furret1034 -- ~Polaris~ -- AstroBirb
About me: Call me Astro!

I'm completely inactive here because i just can't really be bothered haha
i play a bit of minecraft, a loads of Pokemon, with a bit of splatoon (my splatoon 2 ranks are x/x/s+9/s+5 if anybody cares lmao). the ratio of how much time i spend a week playing them changes a lot.

feel free to chat with me on my wall, all though I probably won't reply for a couple of months

I like Pokemon and I like to learn things too :D

I am a keen singer, artist, and writer, and I play ukulele/guitar/drums too! Discovered Pokemon through the anime in 2015, downloaded PoGo on release. Learning spanish, and want to be fluent some day.

I played competitively on Showdown! once but haven't for like over a year soooooooooo

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* Didn't keep track of 9/8, oops XD
300th user - **shrugs**

lol who even cares anymore 30/04/2022

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Shiny Time! (only Pokemon Legends: Arceus is accurate)

Shinies across 3 generations (6 to 8)

Shinies (Dex): 10.7% of the living dex (including shiny locked)
Shinies (Boxes): 133+
Random Shinies: 10+
Event Shinies (Max Raids): 12+
Event Shinies (Events): 2
Max Raid Shinies: 11+
Max Lair Shines: 2 (Including Suicune!!!!)
Over 90 PL:A shinies, 3 in an ongoing shiny run (21/07/2022)

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Playthrough Champion Teams (In order played):
Sword 1: Rilaboom, Corviknight, Venusaur (Isle of Armor), Urshifu-Rapid, Unfezant (F), & Obstagoon.
Sword 2: Cinderace, Butterfree, Urshifu-Single, Toxtricity, Drednaw, & Gastrodon
Sword 3: Inteleon, Perrserker, Whimsicott, Dracozolt, Noivern, & Drifblim.
Let's Go, Eevee!: Eevee, Arcanine, Lapras, Nidoking, Venomoth, & Venusaur.
Sword 4*: Sableye, Golurk, Chandelure, Gengar, Dragapult, & Mimikyu.
Sword 5**: See below for current team, not done yet
Let's Go, Eevee! 2: Eevee, Arcanine, Beedril, Ninetales-Alola, Nidoqueen, & Magneton
Brilliant Diamond: Torterra, Luxray, Gastrodon, Gallade, Togekiss, Houndoom
Legends Arceus: Hisuian Decidueye, Shiny Rapidash, Hisuian Arcanine, Garchomp, Hisuian Braviary, Hisuian Zoroark.
Scarlet: Quaquaval (haha gaybird we love to see it), Dachsbun, Arboliva, Armarouge, Oricorio, Kingambit

*Sword 4 was a Ghost Monotype Playthrough, which I really enjoyed. My favourite one yet!
**Sword 5 is a dead/discontinued Nuzlocke w/my brother.

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Hey, you got to the end! That means you appreciate what I have to say, have a great day/night/:D

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do you have splatoon 3
Dec 15, 2022 by MrKensa
scarlet is so fun :)
Nov 19, 2022 by AstroBirb
Sep 27, 2022 by SSWD
Built different
Sep 18, 2022 by BM™
basically a month since i last opened this page haha

not much to say. hope y'all are having a good day :)
Jul 21, 2022 by AstroBirb
i n a d i f f e r e n t w a y
Jun 26, 2022 by AstroBirb
rank #300 because i'm built d i f f e r e n t l y
Jun 26, 2022 by AstroBirb
team for scvi
possible sprigatito evolution (obviously named fernando), then quaxly then fuecoco, but I will need to see final evos first
i will frickin die for pawmi. first pikachu ripoff i genuinely love, gives me similar vibes to raichu <3
probably will pick Koraidon over miraidon because orange is my favourite colour :p

i'm picking scarlet over violet so far, but i much prefer turo... he's so hot 0.0
Jun 26, 2022 by AstroBirb
May 21, 2022 by neo magius
holup, first time on in like 3 months, why do i have 808 points what?? i swear i didnt have that many when i left. although #301 is pretty cool.

fun times
Apr 30, 2022 by AstroBirb