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So, I unfortunately used my Thunder TM on Zapdos to learn Thunder early, and now I want my Lapras to know Thunder.

If I breed my male Jolteon (who knows Thunder through leveling up), with Rhyhorn, will that Rhyhorn know Thunder? And then if I breed that Rhyhorn with a female Lapras will the Lapras baby know Thunder?

I'm on Fire Red.

Thank you.

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The site says Lapras learns thunder by TM, and this information is not helpful to people who don't know how breeding mechanics work.
This is fine, re-opening.

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Yes it is! Along with egg moves, bred Pokemon can learn any compatible TMs or HMs that the father Pokemon knows. So if your male Jolteon and female Rhyhorn or Rhydon will breed, they will produce a Rhyhorn which knows Thunder. And then you can do the same for Lapras.

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