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So I’m in a bit of a pickle. I got an Eevee and evolved it into a Vaporeon and now have a gift Lapras. Yes this is the second time I’m asking for help (the last one was for the fossils) in this casual playthrough. Again, I know each have their pros and cons, but I just want to know which is better. Btw thanks Amethyst!

Pretty sure Lapras is better because it's more offensive -- though the Ice typing does hurt it. I used Lapras in an X Nuzlocke and though it couldn't sweep many important trainers, it definitely put in respectable work.

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Personally, I'd suggest Vaporeon:

  • It has higher Special Attack, is slightly faster, and has similar HP
  • Although it naturally learns Aurora Beam whereas Lapras learns Ice Beam, it's strong enough for an ingame team.
  • Both learn the same HMs (Surf, Strength, Waterfall) but since only Surf is necessary, either is fine.
  • Fewer weaknesses compared to Lapras.
  • You already have a Vaporeon, might as well use it

Perhaps the only thing I can think of about Lapras is that it learns Thunderbolt for extra coverage, and gets STAB on Ice type moves.

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Lapras has a higher base stat total. But both of them are brilliant Pokemon. If you want highest base stats and coverage, go for lapras because it has coverage moves which are TMs for all its weaknesses except electric (not counting fissure which is an egg move) If you want tankiness, go for vaporeon. But I strongly reccomend Lapras for a playthrough team. It also seems fitting to surf on a lapras.