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I am currently playing Pokemon White 2, and I'm confused between Vaporeon or Walrein. Which should I choose?

Thanks in advance!


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Ok, I'm going to compare the two.

Offensive Stats

  • Base 95 Special Attack (Walrein)
  • Base 110 Special Attack (Vaporeon)

A win for Vaporeon

Defensive Stats

  • 130/60/95 (Vaporeon)
  • 110/90/90 (Walrein)

Since HP matters more in my opinion, as well as a higher special defense stat, a win for Vaporeon


  • 65 base speed for both

Win for Vaporeon, jk, a tie

Coverage moves

  • Vaporeon has Ice beam, Shadow ball, Hyper voice and Signal beam
  • Walrein has Signal beam lmao

Win for Vaporeon

So, I would say to use Vaporeon.

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"Since HP matters more in my opinion, as well as a higher special attack stat, a win for Vaporeon."

You mean a higher special defense stat, right?
Yeah lmao, thanks
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walrein is well its moveset is a bit wierd vaporeon is awesome however it depends if you want defense then walrein if you want good hp and good sp.attack than vaporeon plus its much easier to get and well ure not gonna carry a weak poke in late game like walrein so choose vaporeon its better and easier to get