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Please note: I want a Water type before Clay's Gym (Gym 5). Vaporeon requires a Water Stone and you can't get that from a specific location; you can only get that from random methods like dust clouds. And getting an Eevee is hard enough.

On the other hand, Psyduck is easy to find and Golduck has a better coverage set consisting of Shadow Claw, Brick Break, and Psychic. These moves are all 2x against the E4:

  • Shadow claw < Caitlin and Shauntal.
  • Brick Break < Grimsley.
  • Psychic < Marshal.

And Golduck's stats are good too. I wanted to know what Nature would be best for a mixed set. I wanted to use Shadow Claw because my team lacks Ghost moves.

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Vaporeon is far superior than Golduck. High HP and Sp. Def.
This is a playthrough lol. You want to be prioritizing damage. You aren't going to be toxic stalling. Vaporeon has higher Special attack, however, golduck is MUCH faster
Like I said, I Know that Vaporeon is superior. However, I stated that I want it B4 5th gym.but it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get a water stone that early on the game.And I also stated that golduck has better coverage for the e4 of this region.I request that you read my question once more :)
The fact that you say you know vaporeon is better completely contradicts this question lmao
It should be easy enough to get a water stone before Clay if you use the Battle Subway.
@sumwun will it be possible to win 7 battles with only a pignite,trapinch and a magnezone ?And most importantly,to get 5 bp for the first 7 win-streak ,do you need to connect to WiFi ?

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Has a great level up movepool
Decent all round stats,being best in SpA and Spe
Great TM learnset
Able to learn 4 HM moves
Its stats,while decent,are outclassed by other water Pokemon
Its level up movepool,while great,has some coverage issues
Not the best abilities
Great HP,SpA,and decent SpD
A limited,but decent TM learnset
A decent level up movepool
A decent ability in water absorb
Able to learn 4 HM moves
Low Def,Atk,and Spe
While its level up movepool is decent,it has some coverage issues
Overall,I would choose vaporeon.While it has lower Atk,Def,and Spe,it has a much higher SpA and HP,and beats golduck in SpD.My recommended moveset would be this:
Surf/Hydro Pump/Scald
Ice Beam/Blizzard/Aurora Beam
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power/Work Up

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This only talks about the 2 of them,not other pokemon.
Thanks bro,I'm now definitely using Vaporeon.
Also,hidden power could replace a coverage move,if you want to.
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Vaporeon is better in everything in term of stats. I have also played Black 2, and Vaporeon is the best Water-type Pokemon in Black 2. It's also not a version exclusive, and if you have chosen Snivy or Tepig, both are good for Clay. Pignite will crush Excadrill with Arm Thrust and Flame Charge, and Snivy can take on the other two Ground-types easily with Leaf Tornado and Leech Seed.

It depends which starter you have chosen. If you chose Snivy, a ground type will be good, like Sandile or Trapinch. Listen carefully, Trapinch is turbo rare and can only be found in Desert Resort. Or Darumaka can also work very well, which is found in route 10 and desert resort. And Darumaka is a Fire-type so if you chose Snivy it's a must have.

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I'm pretty sure Golduck has higher physical defense and speed compared to Vaporeon.
Also why are Flygon and Krookodile better than Excadrill? Why are fire Pokemon must haves?
Yeah sumwun is right.
Thanks but I already know this because gen 5 is my first.As a result I played it 5 times last year.And other than that, a 400 bst middle staged fire type Pokemon shouldn't live through a 130 ph.att. super effective stab bulldoze from excadrill. And even if it does it can't one shot an excadrill if excadrill can't one shot it. And don't go insulting samurott ( it's my most notable gen 5 starter so I'm biased to it)it's water typing is also 2x effective and it can learn revenge.And compared to the metagross I'll be using, trapinch isn't even rare. And golduck has a way higher speed and defense and a better tm movepool ( for this gen e4).and other than that,darmanitan is a great force but Arcanine is better stat wise,it's a mixed attacker and is way bulkier.Anyways, thanks for replying :)))
Sumwun,it's still my personal opinion but flygon is better because of its dragon typing.Excadrill has many weaknesses but also many resistances.While krookodile has almost no resistances.Krookodile,being a dark type,is supposed to take out the psychic and ghost e4.but alas! All of them have either grass knot (and dam boi krookodile do be fat) and energy ball (great move).while no Mon should survive a hit from krookodile,if one does,a grass knot or energy ball can greatly damage it.While flygon can learn crunch and fly (honestly speaking flying types are mostly bad so,having a non flying type be able to learn it is a great deal) ,moves that are effective against 3 e4.Excadrill can learn x scissor which is effective against 2 e4.and however,excadrill is weak to focus blast which is a move most the psychic and dark mons have.But flygon is only weak to sigyliphs ice beam.And other than that flygon has great stats,good for attack and ok for special.It also has a good tm move pool.