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I'm looking for a competitive water-type that has fairly high HP and can deal out heavy attacks. Both Vaporeon and Wailord fit this, and Vaporeon has high Sp Atk while Wailord has high Atk. However, Vaporeon has higher all around defensive stats. I'm thinking that Wailord's much higher HP will make up for that but it's VERY low special defense might not stand up to a special Electric attack. Does anyone have suggestions about which path I should take?


Actually, Wailord's defense stats are rubbish
True true u.u

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Vaporeon > Wailord in every way unless you're making a heavy team or fat team or something >.>

K so stats;
Vaporeon - 130/65/60/110/95/65 (HP, Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, Spe)
Wailord - 170/90/45/90/45/60 (Same order)
Wailod has higher HP and Atk, while Vaporeon outclasses it in everything else.

Yup, Wailord has rubbish defenses. While it's HP is massive you have to bear in mind that is mitigated by bad defense stats- and don't forget, Vaporeon's HP stat is also pretty damn big at base 130. Vaporeon has much better defense capabilities overall, as well as access to Wish and Protect - something which Wailord really doesn't have. High HP on Wailord doesn't make up for that.

Offensively based, Vaporeon wins with an excellent special attack stat. Wailord's higher attack stat is meaningless, since the likelyhood would be you going down the special route, due to Wailord's best move, Water Spout. The fact is, without high powered moves Wailord fails to do much damage. On the other hand, Vaporeon's excellent special attack stat lets it function as an excellent offensive tank (Hydration Tank anyone? :D?) and it's ability, Hydration when used under rain lets it heal off any residual damage with Rest and wake up immedietly after.

Actually I was looking towards a physical set

Wailord @ Chesto Berry
- Curse
- Rest
- Avalanche (powered up by slowness)
- Waterfall
Avalanche isn't powered up by slowness. It's powered up by moving last. And it's -4 priority, so trust me you probably are going to be moving last no matter how high your speed.
Are you playing competitive? Because yeah, strong special electric/grass attacks are going to kill you no matter what you do. You'll get 2HKOed by moves like Thunderbolt and Grass Knot regardless.
Yeah, Avalanche is powered up by damage the user takes before his attack that's what i meant