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i dont think opinion questions are aloud but i wont flag
Nah they're allowed :)
We not opinion questions, but this one is different as it's asking for justified answers, not just because somebody likes Samurott :)
Don't get me wrong.

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Samurott. Wailord has great HP but rubbish defences and speed. Samurott has the benefit of being able to carry physical or special sets, so your opponent is never totally sure what set you're running before you make a move.

Samurott has base 95/ 85/ 70 defences, which isn't shabby, and 100/ 108 offences (which are also higher than Wailord's). I think Wailord really only has the benefit of Water Spout (which it's not particularly fast enough to utilise before its HP decreasing) and Pressure.

In terms of offensive types, however, Samurott is considered slow at base 70 speed, but not slow enough like Escavalier to be able to fully abuse Trick Room.

And while I did say that Samurott can run either set, it does have a shallow movepool. It's rarely a good sign when a Pokemon has to rely on HP for coverage. If this isn't NU, I think you you have better Water type choices to consider, like Feraligatr, Kabutops, Quagsire, Suicune, Kingdra, Keldeo etc.

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What's MU?
*NU, Never Used. A tier in Smogon (basically a fan made set of tiers to rank Pokemon according to their stats, moves, abilities).
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They are very different Pokemon. Personally, I think samurott is better, as it outranks it on everything but HP. However, wailord has the devastating move in water spout. It doesn't compensate though, as it will be severely wounded, and water spout will be useless.

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My second favourite Pokemon ever is Wailord, but I gotta go with Samurrot. Wailord has 170 HP, which is his only Green Stat, others being Attack 90, Sp. Att. 90, Defense 45, Sp. Def 45 and Speed 60, but it has a brilliant move in Water Spout, but because he is so slow, his HP would've decreased too much before Water Spout comes too much good. Samurrot has even Stats all around, HP 95, Att, 100, Def, 85, Sp. Atk 108, Sp. Def, 70 & Speed 70, making it all rpound a betetr Pokemon, also having better overall stats, and better speed and attack, the two main Stats.

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