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So I decided to play Pokemon Black 2 and I'm stuck between using Azumarill or Swanna. I like Azumarill because it's strong but I like Swanna because it can learn Fly and Surf. So I need help making my decision.

Thx in advance!

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Azumarill is better if you want a worthwhile Water type in battle, while Swanna is best as a mode of transport with Surf, Fly, and subpar stats.

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Azumarill is better than Swanna.

Availability: Early Game, Floccesy Ranch, 20% (Azurill) - Mid Game, Route 6, 5% (Marill)
Stats: Only really lacking in Speed, but Azumarill is both bulky and packs a real punch when using Huge Power. It has essentially 150 Base Attack.
Typing: Water is a great typing both offensively and defensively. Water STAB in general is a huge asset and there are no principle Grass- and Electric-type trainers to worry about.
Movepool: Azurill gets access to Frustration as soon as it is obtained, and then Return immediately after the first gym. This goes well with its Normal typing and its evolution type. After that, Azumarill gets Aqua Tail at level 21, and then access to Waterfall and Superpower, as well as Ice Punch through tutoring.
Major Battles: It has uses against most of the gyms, just through sheer strength. Clay should prove no obstacle, and you can even smash through Drayden's Dragons. Against the Elite Four it is a similar story, just by using sheer strength. With Ice Punch you can take on Iris in a similar fashion, taking hits and firing back with super effective moves.
Additional Comments: Only use Huge Power. The other abilities will not help you at all. All you need is to take advantage of that wonderful Attack.

Availability: Mid Game, Marvelous Drawbridge (shadow)
Stats: Ducklett has horrible stats until it evolves into Swanna, who possesses decent Atk, SpA and Spe.
Typing: Water and Flying STAB is almost unresisted in the game.
Movepool: Shallow. However, Ducklett comes with Bubblebeam and can be instantly taught Fly. You also get the Surf HM not long after obtaining it. You can teach it Ice Beam late-game to have coverage against Dragon-types.
Major Battles: Fails horribly against Clay due to Ducklett's horrid stats. Takes down Iris's Dragon-types easily with Ice Beam. It also doesn't hit hard enough to sweep Marshall. Average in most battles.
Additional Comments: Ducklett's stats are horrible and it will get KOed back most of the time. While Swanna has decent stats, it still lacks power, especially if it doesn't hit the opponent Super Effectively.


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That's about Azumarill, can you compare the two also and elucidate why Swanna isn't as good as Azumarill?
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Azumarill is the better option, here's why

Azumarill has early accesability, having Huge Power as an ability combined with it being able to learn some good solid Water type moves not to late into your journey such as Aqua Tail at level 21 that can later be replaced with Waterfall, access to Ice type moves that can do some good damage equipped with a NeverMeltingIce or an Ice Gem, and it also has access to some good HM Moves that it can also use in battle with its solid ability.

Azumarill @ Mystic Water

-Ice Punch

Although Swanna is helpful especially when your able to get it before the 5th gym with good mixed attacking stats and access to Fly to help you move around the region the main problem lies with its late evolution as unlike Azumarill, it evolves late and with poor stats its not worth it and there are other better Flying type options such as Crobat or Sigilyph, although if you want here's a moveset for it.

Swanna @ Mystic Water

-Air Slash
-Ice Beam

I would say go for Azumarill as early accesability and better stats is really good but make sure to get an Azurill with Huge Power then evolve it before it gets to level 20 were it will have good Water Type STAB to use until it gets Waterfall later on in the game, Hopefully this helps :)

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Why do you recommend Strength and Ice Beam instead of Return and Ice Punch?
What does this answer add to the other answer?
This one provides movesets and help items and the other options for flyings types