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Alright, so I decided I'd take up battle spot after breeding a BellyJet Azumarill of death, who is destroying everything I slap it up against. However I have noticed she does suffer a horrible weakness to Electric, so I decided I needed a ground type. However I'm stuck with either having Garchomp or Mamoswine with an electric immunity and STAB earthquake. Garchomp literally ticks every single box but obviously everyone is prepared about Garchomp.
Mamoswine is quite powerful but is a double edged sword, being amazing offensively but has much more to desire defensively. Plus he has a rock bottom speed stat.
In your opinion, would Mamoswine or Garchomp fit my BellyJet Azumarill's need for a ground type to dispel Electric types better?

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Probably Garchomp, simply because it's faster and can cover all its weaknesses with dragon claw and iron head.
Landorus-Therian is a good general-purpose Ground type, tough as nails with Assault Vest and Intimidate and has some good support options for Azumarill. Is this for Singles or Doubles? If it is Doubles then Raichu is also a decent support for Azumarill with Lightningrod and Fake Out.
Oops. Sorry, it was singles. Usually when I leave a detail out I usually do it because I believe someone could figure it out by themselves.
I will speak up for choice scarf Mamoswine with Thick Fat purely because many electric types are prepared with Hidden Power Ice,  and what with many electric types having high Special Attack you may find Garchomp suffering, particularly as electric types are faster.

I'm not arguing that Mamoswine is better than Garchomp, it's not, but in the scenario you're speaking of I'm a Mamoswine advocate. I am biased though because the wooly bully is one of my favourites.

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Garchomp. Like sumwun said, it can counter it's weaknesses, and it's faster. I don't think a Mamoswine could survive a Special Attack anyway, and Fire (Assuming it doesn't have Thick Fat) and Water is pretty common, Some
Grass Types are common too. (Mostly being Sceptile, Breloom and Amoonguss nowadays.)

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