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Level 100 nature calm shiny Dialga @Leftovers
Stealth Rock
Draco Meteor
Flash Cannon

Level 100 nature bold Shiny Suicune @Waterium Z
Sleep Talk
Calm Mind

All I did is modify there nature and turn them shiny Please Help I prepared them to use them competitive wise!

I know that Dialga is banned in Battle Spot, but I don't know what's wrong with Suicune. Maybe Battle Spot was able to tell that your Suicune was modified.
Dialga is banned anyway. The shiny hack makes your Pokémon traded so it appears fake when hack checked. If you can unshiny Suicune do so. Or get a new Suicune and mod it. Don't put the shiny hack on Pokémon you caught yourself.
And you can't use experience mod either it won't accept. Use rare candies or level up normally.

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You guys I appreciate your responses I figured out why I could not us them is because I used experience mod I thank Ammeter for telling me that.

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They are both legendary Pokemon, which are banned at the battle spot.

Not all legendary Pokemon are banned by Battle Spot. The weaker ones, like Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, are usually allowed.
Sorry - I never use weak legends so I thought they were all banned :(