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Alright for the eighth time in the history of 3 months another Pokemon outsped me!
So a Delphox with an Air Balloon (Yes I am sure before you people tell me to check the other Pokemon's item) outsped my Jolly Mienshao!
My Mienshao was holding a Life Orb.
Does Battle Spot have something against me?
EDIT: Dash told me to post my Mienshao so here it is!
Item: Life Orb
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Hp
-Drain Punch
-Knock Off
-Fake Out
-Stone Edge

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The same Mienshao yesterday? Maybe you should post your Mienshao set or something
Best tag ever
For once could you just get the battle vid pwease? Pwetty pwease?

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  • Your Mienshao was actually holding a Lagging Tail or Full Incense
  • You are mistaken and the Delphox was actually Choice Scarfed
  • The Delphox was actually holding a Quick Claw
  • Your Mienshao is not Jolly
  • Trick Room was used
  • Tailwind was used
  • You didn't EV train Mienshao
  • Glitch
  • You're lying
  • Sticky Web was used
  • You baton passed speed decreases or the enemy baton passed speed increases
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^Another possibility. Another I forgot to mention is stat boosts, they may have been Baton Passed.
You are taking demat for  an idiot i think :I
100% agreement
Nah. My game is glitch central
Go over all my other glitch questions