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I brought a hacked Shiny Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and Groudon into the Battle Spot (Aware that they are hacked) and it actually went through! How? Why?

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It's probably because Battle Spot doesn't know exactly where the Pokemon come from, and it works by checking whether the Pokemon could be obtained legally.
I mean, if they were all hacked "correctly", there isn't much of a reason for it to deny them...  or even a way for it to tell.

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I've been researching this using my AR and Gen V games: the checks can be a little vague. I used my AR to catch a level 1 female Bulbasaur in Nuvema Town with it's Hidden Ability, and PokeBank didn't bat an eye lid, but my Chikorita with it's Hidden Ability was blocked. Battle spot wouldn't check any more than Bank, maybe less. Basically what I'm trying to say is, you've just experienced first hand how underwhelming the checking system is (which makes me wonder how all those people got banned in the first place).

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I'm sorry but I have to disagree with the other guy that answered, yes GF has no solid methods to check if a Pokemon is legal but you are definitely playing in open battle, there the game doesn't check if a Pokemon is legal or not (unless is impossible to obtain like hydro cannon charizard) because it doesn't matter, there's no ladder to climb and people don't practice there. on the other hand to answer the question below: most people got banned using hackmons on ladder or using Pokemon impossible to obtain.

Someone recorded a video of someone with 6 Sturdy Shedinja's. (Gen 6, the check works the same way gen 7 does. He also recorded a video of someone with 6 Huge Power Slaking's) Also, the Showdown ladder had nothing to do with this.
Actually, you're agreeing with me more than disagreeing. Part of my comment was 'Battle spot wouldn't check any more than Bank, maybe less'. By 'maybe less' I mean it COULD be not at all, which is what you said. If anything, you've simply expanded on my answer.
Again, it doesn't matter if someone brought Hackmons in a 6vs6 against a friend or someone in the plaza because GF doesn't care if you hack to play there and for hyper beam I disagree on how you put things: GF have pretty solid methods to check if a Pokémon is hacked or not but it doesn't filter all the possible rooms where you can battle, they check only where ladder is involved and I answer why some people got banned and others not