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I got 6 crits in a row on battle spot and a Paralyse with a Thunderbolt! :D
What are the odds? Just how lucky am I?

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For the record, TheBlackEmplelon did it incorrectly.

First, chance of 6 critical hits
The chance of a critical hit is 1/16. However, instead of multiplying the denominator by 6 which is apparently what TheBlackEmpoleon did, you need to take it to the power 6, as per probability rules.
So the chance of getting 6 critical hits in a row is (1/16)^6 = 1/16777216.

Add in the chance of a paralysis by Thunderbolt which is a 10% or 1/10 chance. To find the total chance, multiply the two figures together.
= 1/167772160 chance.
That's roughly 5.96 x 10^(-9) in Scientific notation, or around 0.000000596% chance.

TL:DR alot luckier than the other calculation made it out to be.

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Critical hit: 1 in 16
16 (6)= 96
Thunderbolt Paralyze= 1 in 10
1 in 96 (1 in 10) = 1 in 960
Answer: Aproximately .1 % chance of happening (if you use those moves.)

Congrats on the good luck!

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