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It's possible, I've seen some people do those.

6 Pokemon vs. 6 Pokemon? that's just a standard battle
On battle spot I mean, those battles are also itemless I've heard.
There's a bit of a difference there btw.
dat ain't poshible
I'm guessing that this guy is the lord of Gamefreak then?
It's possible, but I just dunno how

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6v6 battle are only possible in the new battle season of PGL.In this new season,you can only have 6v6 battles without any items.So the person in the video that you gave us was battling during the new battle season.This new season will last from 07/14/14,4:00 PM to 09/08 14,7:59 PM ETD and 07/14/14,8 PM to 09/08/14,11:59 PM UTC.


Hope I helped!

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oooh I see.
Thanks! (this is gonna be fun, hee hee hee)
Your welcome.
And I was waiting for to happen for a long time too :)
"acrobatics talonflame is gonna bask in the sun, worrying of no cloud
knock off can rap up and leave this style lol
megas are out of the question
omg the predictions are gonna be real xD"