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I don't know which one to use in Black 2.
I don't know which one is better.
They practically have the same stat base.
But Swanna has a deeper movepool.
Which one would be better?

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They practically have the stat base? what do you mean?
He means Base Stats. They elaborate how high a Pokemon's stat can go with maxed EVs and IVs and a stat increasing Nature. Also how low with no EVs in the stat, no IVs and a stat decreasing Nature. So he is saying that in total Unfezant ans Swanna have very alike total Base Stats.

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Swanna, because it can act as a HM Slave with Fly, Surf, and Dive.

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If your basing it on stats, then Unfezant has better Attack, Defense, and Hp. But Swanna has better Sp. attack, Sp. Defense, and slightly better Speed. Swanna may have better moves, but remember that it has a 4x weakness to electric types due to the Water/Flying combination.

So in all, I would go with a female Unfezant, because they only have a 2x weakness to electric types, and because female Unfezants have better stats compared to Male Unfezants.

Hope this helps!

The only thing different between male and female Unfezant is their design, their stats are not different at all.