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Lapras has a Gentle Nature and Gyarados has an Impish Nature.

Edit: Thanks everyone, judging from the pros and cons I'll go Gyarados. Thank you guys!

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Gyarados comes at a higher level and has higher physical attack and less weaknesses. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/pokemon-heartgold-and-soulsilver-in-game-tier-list-mkii.3665471/
This is not really related to the question, but I still wonder why you use Crobat. Why are you using a Crobat?
Crobat is a Good Pokémon, because of it's base speed.
In casual playthroughs, your levels are usually higher than opponents' levels, so Pokemon with low base speed can still outspeed most opponents just by having higher levels (and a few EVs). Compared to the other Pokemon on this team, Crobat has lower attack stats and more common weaknesses, and those things usually matter more than speed.
my levels are like 31-33 right now so I am pretty underleveled

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Let's look on to their pros and cons.


  • Good bulk
  • Learns Ice Beam by level up.
  • Good Surf as well as Waterfall user.
  • Can be a mixed attacker.


  • Slow in levelling up.
  • Difficult to obtain (but you have it already I guess).
  • A little slow (60 Base Speed)


  • Mammoth of Physical Attack stat
  • Good Waterfall user.
  • Ability Intimidate.


  • Slow in levelling up.
  • 4x weakness of Electric.
  • Not a good Surf user. Base SpA stat is only 60.

Gyarados' cons can be overcome by Mamoswine. If you need to use both Surf and Waterfall efficiently, then go for Lapras. Otherwise, Gyarados.

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For in-game walkthrough having six physical attackers isn't any issue. Also, they have Swinub, a ground type for Gyarados' weakness.
If he / she wants to consider HMs, then I suggested Gyarados.
Typhlosion and Ampharos are already 2 very strong special attackers. The team doesn't need a third one. Most Pokemon don't have a lot more physical defense than special defense, so physical/special balance is much less important than stuff like type balance, HM slaves, and not raising too many low-level Pokemon.
Wait lapras can learn waterfall.
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Either is pretty good, but I recommend Gyarados. You currently have one on your team, and Lapras is a little tricky to get. Gyarados also has more offensive capabilities, which is better in a game of hyper offense. While Gyarados gets very few Flying moves, your Crobat can use Flying moves effectively in its place.

Hope I helped!

I think they are saying “Gyarados/Lapras” to show thats it going to be there, not that it is there already.
Oh they do already have one I’m blind
Yeah I have one
Thanks tho