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Which water-type is better?

Depends on the tier you're playing on, the rest of your team, and also their movesets. Please be sure to update that so you can get a much better answer
I'm guessing non-mega Blastoise? Seems to be a recurring theme with your questions
Yes, I did mean non-mega Blastoise. Sorry!
In which format?
1v1 format.

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Blastoise's BST is 530 and its stats are 079 in HP, 083 in Attack, 100 in Defense, 085 in Special Attack, 105 in Special Defense, and 078 in Speed.

Lapras' BST is 535 and its stats are 130 in HP, 085 in both Attack and Special Attack, 080 in Defense, 095 in Special Defense, and 060 in Speed.


Blastoise can learn Normal-, Water-, Dark-, and Steel-type moves through level-up. It can learn Normal-, Water-, Ice-, Fighting-, Ground-, Rock-, Dragon-, Dark-, and Steel-type moves as TMs. It can also learn Normal-, Water-, Fighting-, Psychic-, and Dragon-type moves as egg-moves.

Lapras can learn Normal-, Water-, and Ice-type moves through level-up. It can learn Normal-, Water-, Electric-, Ice-, Ground-, Psychic-, and Steel-type moves as TMs. It can also learn Normal-, Water-, Ice-, Ground-, Psychic-, Rock-, and Dragon-type moves as egg-moves.


Blastoise is a pure-Water-type: which makes it resistant to Fire, Water, Ice, and Steel; and weak to Electric and Grass.

Lapras is a Water/Ice-type: which makes it resistant to Water(1/2)[if it has Water Absorb as its ability, this type becomes it immunity] and Ice(1/4); and weak to Electric, Grass, Fighting, and Rock.

By stats, Lapras has a higher BST, HP stat, and Attack stat than Blastoise. They both have the same Special Attack stat of 085. Blastoise has a higher Defense stat, Special Defense stat, and Speed stat than Lapras.

By moves, Blastoise can learn 4 different types of moves through level-up compared to Lapras' three. Blastoise can learn 9 different types of moves as TMs compared to Lapras' seven. Lapras can learn 7 different types of moves as egg-moves compared to Blastoise's five.

By typing, Blastoise has two fewer weakness compared to Lapras' four. Blastoise has 4 resistances compared to Lapras' two(one if it has Water Absorb).

I know nothing on competitive play. But, I know which Pokémon is better in terms of typing, stats, and the number of different types in can learn from either TM or level-up.
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Well, Blastoise has a mega, so that's a plus. Also, it get access to rapid spin to get rid of entry hazards. However, it doesn't have that much type coverage and cannot (usually) faint bulky water types, such as Slowbro, Suicune, and itself. It's better to be used as a rapid spinner because it's best move set consists of Surf, Rapid Spin, Toxic, and Protect.

Lapras is a good Pokemon, but its typing makes it weak to fighting, steel, and rock type attacks. However, it does get access to a lot of status moves such as toxic (TM(, confuse ray (Egg), thunder wave (TM), and ice beam(Level up or TM). (which has a chance to freeze). It gets a little more type coverage with thunder and thunderbolt, along with its STAB ice type moves but is weak to a lot more. In fact, Lapras in in the lowest Smogon tier, the PU tier.

So, because of the fact that it has a mega, can get rid of entry hazards, and stall out opponents, I would recommend BLASTOISE.

He specifically said 1v1, where entry hazards have no effect and rapid spin is useless. Neither can stall out opponents, and status moves in general are bad in 1v1 because almost everything will one-shot a status move user before the status move takes effect.
Steel does neutral damage.
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Both are completely outclassed by mega Gyarados. It's impossible for one to be better than the other when both are useless.

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You're not answering the question. It asks for a comparison between the two, not if they're outclassed. And if your answer is that neither is better than the other, you could go into a little more detail than "because I say so."
Ya, what he said. And why are you bringing Mega Gyarados into a question specifically about Blastoise and Lapras?
The question only asks which is better, which I believe I answered. I brought up mega Gyarados because being outclassed has everything to do with how useful a Pokemon is. Outclassed Pokemon have no reason to be used and are therefore useless.