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Gender: I would just like to say that Pokemon is a lie because Mr. Mime can be female, your a mister, right... However, I am not genderless, but my gender is a mystery if you were wondering.
Country: United States or anywhere that has air conditioning and Wifi
Favorite Pokémon: My favorite Pokemon by type is in about me.
Friend Codes: I have no friends and no enemies, I am a traveling nobody.

This is definitely true.

Wow, do I need a life.


My name used to RISaints.
About me: Favorite Pokemon by type;
Grass: Ludicolo and Serperior
Water: Golisopod
Fire: Magmortar
Electric: Eelectross
Normal: Drampa
Rock: Tyranitar
Ground: Gastrodon
Psychic: Alakasam
Steel: Magnezone
Poison: Roserade
Fairy: Togekiss
Dark: Bisharp
Ghost: Rotom (normal)
Ice: Weavile
Flying: Ninjask
Bug: Shefinja
Fighting: Gallade
Dragon: Dragonite

Least favorite Pokemon:
I don't have a disliking to any Pokemon (except for all Gen. 1 Pokemon with lazy designs [Muk (not alola form) Electrode, etc.]).

My favorite Generation of Pokemon is Gen. 4 even though my favorite Pokemon is in Gen. 5.

Finally, my favorite ability is Moxie, my favorite move is Harden, and my favorite item is the Life Orb.

P.S.: GameFreak should make a main stream Pokemon game with the Champions Pokemon being:
Bidoof, level 50
Metapod, level 58
Magikarp, level 60
Kricketune, level 61
Wimpod, level 52
and their Ace: Serperior. Level 99.99999999999

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