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So I want a tank with Water and Ice moves, I am stuck between either Blastoise or Lapras, which would be the better choice and moveset?


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In Gen 6? That would be Blastoise, especially if you have the mega option.

Scald and Rapid Spin and Roar are important. Avalanche is good, because you will be investing no points in ATK or SP. ATK, so having one solid SP. ATK, Scald, and one Solid ATK, Avalanche gives you some key strats. Also, Blasty's abysmal speed means the Avalanche -4 priority is not a problem at all, so it creates a nice 120 BP Ice Phusical Attack.

Rapid Spin aids your team against counter set ups. Roar helps Blasty stop an opponent from setting up on him AND gets through temp invulnerable situations such as Substitute and Protect.

I personally think that giving Blastoise the mega stone in this situation is pointless. Mega Blastoise wouldn't have any moves to benefit its Mega Launcher ability, and I think the mega slot should be saved for a different pokemon more beneficial for the team. Blastoise is still a good choice though, as it can do things like you've listed that Lapras can't do.
Ice Beam > Avalanche
I didn't mention mega blast. Lol. I'd use leftovers, personally. Could even use an assault vest if you prefer raw tank status and want to adjust the set.
but you did when you said "especially if you have the mega option"?
ahem "especially if you have the mega option" ahem
As in,  use blast and have the mega option,  then i proceeded to list a non mega blast move set. Lol.  Poor wording on my part.

Blast is better than lapras, especially if he doesn't take away the mega option.
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I'd Personally Use Lapras in all circumstances.

Blastoise is more of a bulky sweeper/ rapid spinner who is very situational.

But Lapras has massive amounts of hp and also has perish song and ice shard to stop low hp sweepers In their tracks.
(Lapras gets block too)

Lapras is held back by its weaknesses. Besides, entry hazards can be very annoying, so rapid spin is pretty valuable.