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They all have good defenses but I don't know which one to choose.


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That dependsi have found I am good at these questions


Swampert is a physical tank having high attack hp and good defense. Swampert only has one 4x weakness and then it has no other weaknesses.

Empoleon is a special tank with high Special stats. Being a steel type Empoleon gets quite a few resistances 11 to be exact.

Milotic is also a special tank with great hp and special stats. Milotic has two recovery moves and can inflict sleep on the opponent with hypnosis.


Swampert though a greaat pokemon has to fear the abundance of special and fast grass types like roserade. Swampert lacks a recovery move so you can't heal it at all.

Empoleon doesn't have that great of a special movepool and it doesn't have nasty plot to boost his power. Empoleon also lacks a recovery move and fears earthquake becuase only average defense and a weakness to it.

Milotic has a limited movepool so it is very likey that it will know surf and ice beam. but this pokemon is other wise a great wall and out of the three has the highest defense S.defense hp balance with a great S.attack

So swampert for physical milotic for special

for movesets look around the site

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I will do the cons in a moment
Note refresh is not a recovery move it heals status
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Ill Do The Answering for this too.

         Swampert: Powerful Tank, Though Slow, Its Just about a Perfect pokemon for a lead, it can have great coverage. Plus its good for Tanks to have few weaknesses, making Swampert Perfect. With Its Nice Moveset and Great Movepool in Both Special and Physical Feilds, with quite a few weaknesses, including the popular Electric Types Like Zapdos. Base 90 in Both Defenses is incredibly useful, as it can resist quite well. It Can Have AMAZING HP, and Attack. A Great Tank.

Milotic: A Special Tank. Good SA, and SD, and HP, Not a very good movepool though, making it more Defensive than Offensive. Not a very good Physical Tank, and I'd say Swampert is Better due to Higher Defense AND Special Defense total. But Milotic is an Overall Better Special Tank.

Empoleon: Damn, This Things almost as Underated as Torterra.... Its Not as good as torterra though at all, but Still, Nice Resistances and a good Special Tank, with Not Bad Defense Either, and HP is ok, too. Slow, Just as Swampert, with an ok movepool. Too Bad most of its moves are physical, and its Special Attack is WAY Better. But it is A Steel Type, and Quite Good actually.

Overall: Swampert is the Best Tank and Wall for overall Defense and Special Defense with its High HP. Milotics a Better Special Tank, and Empoleons an all right tank with all of its resistances. Overall, I Would Go With Swampert for its decent SD AND Def with Great HP.

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See in my mind it depends on what im battling if there is any chance of an electric move coming up I would have to go with swampert but empoleon is my pick, with alot more moves that can be tank moves.

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Swampert is the best Tank. It has great offensive powers, and can survive some hits. Empoleon makes more use of its typing while Milotic doesn't have the movepool to be incredible.