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I do not want to waste 3 of my slots for stockpile, spit up, and swallow. Should I keep spit up (sweeper) or swallow (tank)?


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I would just keep Stockpile, because using Spit Up/Swallow will lower your defenses after being used. As for your set, I would use the Baton Pass set, which consists of Baton Pass, Stockpile, Substitute, and Shadow Ball. You could try for a sweeper set, but Drifblim has a measly speed stat of 80, so it's bound to get outsped and knocked out with 1 or 2 attacks.

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With Unburden and Sitrus Berry it CAN sweep with Acrobatics. Stronk if not prepped for.
Also it would be better with a red card because it's easier to activate.