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Togekiss is super bulky but has decent speed and T-wave and it can be baton passed speed boosts by blazekin then hax 60% flinch air slash.

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id say a tank

im useing my togakiss as a special tank and it works out great

im useing a modest one max ev'd in special defence 104 in HP and 152 in special attack

its movest (my togekisses moveset) is :

nasty plot-great boost

psycho shift-usefull egg move but im thinking of witching it cause status problems arent so common anymore

air slash-great STAB

aura spheare-great coverege

im thinking of switching the move psycho shift to wish or mornning sun (breeding another one) or thunder wave

but togekiss also makes a desent sweeper

a good moveset can be :

air slash -STAB

aoura spheare-coverege

psychic/thunder wave/megical leaf/ancient power/wish/nasty plot- heal , paralize ,boost or attack hard your choice

extrasnssory/thunder wave/megical leaf/ancient power/wish/nasty plot-same thing here

to answer clearlly id say he works better as a special tank and i will recommned that but it is a good sweeper but still i like tank better

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well I would say both because togekiss's hp is high but it's attacking is almost as high