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His speed seems a little to low to sweep. Although he will be ohkoed by any fire type move.

He is a major sweeper
Please support your answer with concrete reasons otherwise I will vote down. Thank you :)
dont even use fire moves on scizor water moves are the way to go.

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Scizor is not a Tank, but a Sweeper because of its ability Technician which boost moves that have a Base Power of 60 or less. If you use a Swords Dance/Agility, it can destroy teams with ease. A good moveset for it would be:

Swords Dance
Bullet Punch
Bug Bite
Acrobatics/Aerial Ace

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Scizor is a sweeper, preferably a choice banded one for extra power. Always use technician and adamant giving priority bullet punch team destroying powers.

If you choose not to choice band it go for a swords dance sweep that also can wreck teams.

Scizor @ Choice band
Adamant nature
252 attack,252 speed,4 hp

Bullet punch primary stab
Pursuit- coverage damages psychics on the switch
U turn - powerful stab can scout and damage psychic and dark types heavily
Brick break_ covers other steel types

for the swordance ste replace either you turn or pursuit

My mistake on the evs for a choice banded scizor one should use:
252 hp, 252, attack, 4 speed

the evs shown in the answer is for a swords dance set
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Scizor is a sweeper. Maybe your Scizor is different.

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Scizor Is a natural sweeper as a tank he would be acceptable

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Scizor is a sweeper.
A tank takes damage, while Scizor is not able to.
Pretty much any decent Fire type attack will OHKO Scizor with a 4X weakness.
But Scizor can resist a lot of attacks because of the fact that it is Steel type.

(+) Though Sweepers require a lot of Attack and Speed, given Swords Dance will make his attack go CRAZY, and along with Bullet Punch; priority is all the speed you'll need.

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Scizor 'could' be a tank... it only has one type weakness, fire (although it is x4 damage) and has good resistances.

mine is both tank and sweeper (a tank-sweeper?).