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My story please enjoy!!!

CH39 My sixth gym
We parted ways with Shane as he went to report his news to headquarters, while we kept on going to ocarina city. After a few hours walking we finally arrived at ocarina city, it was a huge city full of boats on one side facing the ocean, and building on the other. Then I saw the gym, unlike the other ones, this one was in front of a huge coral reef were many water type pokemon played. "I'll go in first" I said as I eagerly charged into the big gym painted in blue and decorated with sea figures. "Hello challenger, my name is Samantha and I'm a water type gym leader!" said Samantha, "let's start this battle!" "my name is nick and I'm taking you down!" I said. "go swanna" "go galvantula!" I have the advantage. "swanna use water pulse!" water pulse hit galvantula. "galvantula use thunder!" "double team swanna!" thunder missed. "swanna use rain dance!" it started to rain. "galvantula use thunder!" "swanna double team" with rain dance and galvantula's Compound eyes, thunder hit! Swanna seemed close to fainting. "swanna use hurricane!" hurricane smacked galvantula and he became confused. "galvantula use electroball!" but the attack missed completely! "swanna use water pulse!" the attack hit, "galvantula electroball!" this time galvantula shook it head and snapped out of confusion sending electroball straight to swanna, fainting it. "go dewgong!" said Samantha, "dewgong use ice beam!" "thunder galvantula!" both attacks hit but galvantula was now frozen! "dewgong use Aqua tail!" aqua tail hit fainting galvantula. "go conkeldurr!" I said, "conkeldurr use Mach punch!" conkeldurr's fist turned blue and it quickly slammed a punch on dewgong, super effective! "dewgong use aqua tail!" aqua tail hit. "hammer arm conkeldurr" "use dive dewgong" dewgong dove to the pool surrounding the arena. "now!" yelled samantha and dewgong came out and slammed into conkeldurr. "rock slide conkeldurr!" rock slide hit making dewgong flinch. "now hammer arm" "dewgong take down!" both attacks hit but dewgong fainted. "my last pokemon, go Kingdra!" said Samantha. "conkeldurr use Mach punch!" Mach punch quickly slammed into kingdra. "kingdra use hydro pump!" but conkeldurr blocked it with his two stone slabs. "kingdra dragon pulse!" kingdra moved to the right of conkeldurr and hit it in the side with a powerful dragon pulse! "conkeldurr earthquake!" "kingdra dive" kingdra dove and earthquake missed, then it came out and slammed into conkeldurr, fainting him. "go jellicent, use water pulse!" it hit kingdra, "kingdra use twister!" "jellicent use water pulse!" twister absorbed the water pulse and slammed both attacks onto jellicent. "kingdra use dragon pulse" dragon pulse hit. "brine jellicent!" brine had double the power and slammed into kingdra. "kingdra dragon pulse!" but kingdra didn't move. "jellicent use recover and ominous wind. Jellicent recovered some hp and ominous wind slammed increasing all of jellicent's stats. "oh so that was jellicents cursed body?" said Samantha, "kingdra max power hydro pump!" "jellicent max power water pulse!" instead, jellicent sent out a powerful ray of water, that was Hydro Pump! Both hydro pumps collided, but jellicent was stronger and beat kingdra, fainting it. "good job nick, here's your aqua emblem" said Samantha as she gave me my sixth badge!

CH40 An elite surprise 
I ran out with my sixth badge and caught up with Kevin, cherry and Natalie in the city's plaza. "guys I got my 6th badge!" I yelled. "wow way to show off" said Kevin, he hadn't challenged the gym yet. "yeah but I got mine before you" said cherry showing off her badge and sticking her tongue out. "meh, mines cooler" I said teasing her, she smiled. Well that was kind of awkward with Natalie and Kevin... "wait isn't that..." said Natalie pointing at drake. "yeah! That's drake!" said Kevin. "drake!" I yelled waving. But he just looked at me and walked away. "well how rude" I muttered. "excuse me guys you wouldn't happen to be trainers?" said a familiar guy with a coat on, "you see I'm dying for a battle with someone strong" he seemed really charismatic. "we all are" said cherry cheerfully. "well tell you what, if you beat me I'll give you 1000 poke dollars, but if you lose you will give me 1000 poke dollars, I'm quite the gambler you see" said the guy. "DEAL" me and Kevin said immediately. "guys stop, we have to make a wise decision, this could be a trick, and 1000 poke dollars Is a good amount of cash" said natalie ruining the fun. "ok how about we make it interesting, you all will choose one pokemon, and I will also choose only one and, if you guys together can beat me, I'll give you 2000 poke dollars" said the guy. "WE ARE IN" me And Kevin yelled, cherry and Natalie just nodded, then drake came up to us and decided to participate also. "go samurott" said Natalie. "go blastoise" said the man. "samurott use x scissors!" samurott launched towards blastoise. "blastoise use Skull bash!" blastoise tucked his head in, increasing his def making x scissor futile, then he rammed into samurott almost fainting it. "samurott ice beam!" it hit freezing blastoise. "now use aqua tail!" aqua tail was about to hit when "blastoise use hydro pump" blastoise thawed out and smashed hydro pump into samurott fainting it. "go cherrim" said cherry. "cherrim use sunny day!" the sunlight turned harsh. "blastoise skull bash!" blastoise tucked in it's head and charged at cherrim. "cherrim solar beam!" cherrim let loose a quick solar beam that hit blastoise, but he kept on going and smashed into cherrim. "now use ice beam!" blastoise quickly froze cherrim fainting it. This guy was incredibly strong, and he seemed really familiar now. "go swampert!" said Kevin. "hammer arm!" swampert rushed towards blastoise with a hammer arm ready. "use rappid spin and hydro pump!" said the guy. Blastoise started to spin while throwing out hydro pump out of it's holes, making a spinning hydro pump. Both attacks collided, but blastoises amazing combo won. "blastoise use hydro pump!" that finished swampert. "go Serperior" said drake, "leaf blade!" "ice beam blastoise" both super effective attacks hit. "leaf storm!" "hydro pump" both attacks hit but Serperior fainted. "go galvantula!" I said, "use max power thunder!" "max power hydro pump!" both attacks hit and both pokemon where about to faint, "use slash galvantula" "use rapid spin blastoise" both attacks hit but galvantula lost just barely. "well guys, I win but you keep the money, after all I am elite four Tyler. That's who he was! I knew he seemed familiar. "you all are good but if you want to be as strong as me you need to keep practicing" he said as he left. Elite four Tyler, he swept our pokemon. 

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