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I'm thinking of adding a new dex page similar to http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/all where it shows combinations of stats. Instead of Attack/Defense it would have Sweeper/Tank/Wall.

So my question is, what are all the different categories I could list, and how you you calculate their stats?

I have this so far:
- Physical Sweeper: Attack + Speed
- Special Sweeper: Special Attack + Speed
- Wall: HP + Defense + Special Defense

For tanks I'm not sure. Would a physical tank be only Attack + Defense, or Attack + Defense + SpDefense + HP?

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Well, that's difficult to calculate!
A Sweeper, Tank, or Wall's stats vary on many different stats depending on the Pokemon!

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It depends a physical tank has Attack but any combo of Defenses Tyranitar has ideal tank stats for physical. Milotic has ideal tank stats for Special. I would say Attack + Defense + SpDefense + HP but with exceptions like Steelix and Gardevoir.

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Yea ! I go with speed freak !! Either of the defences must be high and make sure that a pokemon may occour in more than one categories !! Cause there are quite a few !!