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who tanks better a cotton guard Furfrou or a eviolite Porygon 2?

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oh and how much more def and sp.def does the Eviolite give?
Have the answers here forgot about furfrous fur coat ability!
No, we haven't, we are taking that into account, but Porygon 2 still outclasses Furfrou.

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Porygon 2. Definitely.
Eviolite boosts both Defense and Special Defense of a non fully evolved Pokemon by 50%, and Fur Coat reduces the Damage of physical attacks by 50%.
If you look at it like that, it is easy to see which is bulkier, especially because Porygon already has better Defenses than Furfrou. Porygon also has a much better movepool than Furfrou. Although Furfrou has access to Cotton Guard, Porygon still outclasses it.

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I will compare them both:

Can be given an Assualt vest to make all damage 50% less. Has access to Cotton Guard, but loses assault vest if used. 472 base stat without Assualt vest or Fur coat added in. Has an ok movepool, but no recover (useful move for walls).

Can be given eviolite, which gives the effects of both assault vest and fur coat. Doesn't get Cotton Guard, but does have access to Reecover. Has 515 base stat without eviolite added in. Has a better movepool than furfrou.

So in my opinion I would do Porygon2. The access to recover is what really makes it better. Hope this helps!

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I'd say porygon2 is better because it has a wide movepool and has good enough defenses already. Add an eviolite to porygon2 and you have extreme bulk on it. Also it has access to Recover, which Furfrou doesn't get. Hope I helped!

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Eviolite raises stats not base stats, it doesnt work like that.
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FYI, at level 100 with 252 EVs on each stat, Porygon 2's Def is 279 and SpD is 289. (without Eviolite)