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This question is old, but the answer is very outdated. Smogon added form choice (I don't remember when), but you can select the Furfrou coat and Vivilion pattern (and Minior color, as well). You do so by selecting the Pokémon to be on your team and clicking the down arrow that appears on it's sprite, which will pull up a list of sprites and selecting the variant or typing the Pokémon's Name-form (Minior-Orange, for example) in the teambuilder. :P

Source: In this battle against a bot, I used Lareine Furfrou and an Ocean pattern Vivilion. :P

Hope I helped!

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Tfw accidentally hiding then reshowing a question brings attention for an updated answer.
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No, you will have a regular Furfrou and a Meadow pattern Vivillon every time.

That's all there is to it, honestly.
You can't set it before the battle and it ins't randomly generated in battle(tried it just now).

Source: Just tried it in Showdown(no replays because it is literally just me going in and ou of battles multiple times)

Hope I helped.