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I plan to create a team with 6 adamant Furfrou having 6 different trims for in-game, (just for fun) but they seem very rare and have wrong nature all the time. What is the fastest way to catch many of them?

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Furfrou is easy to encounter in Hau'oli City if you play SM or USUM, just spam Ultra Balls with an adamant synchroniser at the front of your party.

that is literally what i said.
How is it, in any way, literally what you said? He mentioned actually catching the Pokemon, while you mentioned breeding. The only similarity between the two answers is the mention of Synchronize. If it was literally what you said, it'd be a direct copy + paste of your answer.
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Catch a Pokemon with the synchronize (ex, ralts, elgem, natu) ability. breed it for an adamant one. Put it in the first spot in your party. Synchronize allows the Pokemon you encounter to have a 50% chance of having the same nature. (for example, if you have a Pokemon with synchronize and an adamant nature, the Pokemon you encounter have a 50% to be adamant)

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Hello, you can easly catch this pokèmon in the western part of Hau'Oli. Try to use "Rotom's power" and put a Butterfree (you can find Caterpie in route 1: it'll be a Butterfree in just 10levels) with Sleep Powder (known from lvl13).

Actualy, pokemon can't be level 0.
10 levels, not 0 level
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Assuming you have access to the right Pokémon, you'll only need to catch one.


  1. Catch a female Furfrou. (Nature doesn't matter)
  2. If it isn't adamant, breed for one. If it is, give it an everstone. If the other Pokemon is adamant, give them an everstone.

This should work.
Hope I helped!


Stakatacool said exactly what you said but more in depth
No, Stakataka suggested synchronizing for them; this person suggested breeding for them.