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Its a great Pokemon with high Sp.def and maybe a low defense, but Fur coat to back up a 60 base and Cotton Guard isn't all that bad. Also, it gets good moves and it can be used as a Toxic staller with Cotton Guard and investment in Sp.def AND it gets access to Substitute.

Why does no one use Furfrou?

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because it isnt good, thats why.

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Firstly, access to substitute isn't special. Everything that can learn TMs can learn Substitute.

Furfrou does have a good ability, but it doesn't have very good tying. It has one immunity and no resistances. Steel types will wreck a Toxic stall Furfrou. If Furfrou meets something it can't stall out, it has to switch, losing any Cotton Guard boosts.

It also has no reliable recovery method outside of Rest, which means you either run a RestTalk set, which is viable, or spend 2 turns as a sitting duck. Even if you run a RestTalk set, your options of other moves is really limited. You either forfeit Cotton Guard or Toxic, otherwise you're totally susceptible to Taunt.

Basically, there are superior walls, not least Regenerator Audino, which has a much better support move pool. Carbink outclasses Furfrou because of its ability to set up screens/ rocks, and Dragalge at least can't be poisoned and has better defences. Furfrou essentially has a lot of limitations as a wall, meaning it's not really anyone's first choice for stalling purposes even in NU.

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Furfrou taking hits from Ho-Oh and Zekrom :o http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ubers-117402766
My opp was shrang which is why his team is actually pretty decent :P