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I live in the Netherlands. So my Vivilion has to be continental, but it is meadow. Before starting Pokemon Y, my 3DS settings were Netherlands, Friesland. (If it depends on were you bought the 3DS , it was in the city I live next to)

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It's quite possible that your game is corrupted then.

As per knowledge now, if you had started the game with the settings on Netherlands, it should be continental and not meadow.
Something like this is continental pattern :


And this is medaow pattern:


However, if the Vivillon in discussion here is the Gym leader Viola's Pokemon, then you don't need to worry, her Vivillon will always be Meadow pattern, regardless of region.

Hope I helped!

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well, i heard a lot of people had this problem, mabye the vivilion patterns are even more accurately set then we think. and what kind of corruption do you mean?
If any people in your vicinity also have the game, try asking them. If they also have a meadow pattern, well there are two possibilities then:
1. If both the game files have been bought by the same person, it's likely that they have been manufactured hacked copies
2. Maybe the Vivillons are in fact set more accurately after all.

But I don't think Gamefreak/Nintendo actually dived into the details of so many countries just for the sake of one pokemon.
sorry confused a traded one for mine.
Lol no problem